Petition to End Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Daylight Saving Time abbreviated as DST was initiated during the World War 1 as a means of conserving energy. There has been a hotly contested debate and petition whether it should be canceled or not. The clocks are set back as a way of saving energy.Read more about day light saving time at  click   . Some people argue that this habit is outdated and should be shed off as it is not ideal in the modern world. It has been hypothesized to have a negative impact on the economy and health of the affected nations. A report was issued some decade ago that changing in and out of DST consumes more energy than it would normally. Some peers reviewed studied conducted to show that DST has led to the rise of heart attack rates.
Others also suggested that car accidents increase rapidly following the time change due to DST allegations. The long-term effects of DST are said to be dangerous to human life by leading to disruption of sleep and biological rhythm. Due to this, it can result in memory loss, confusion and even decrease in production rates. The disruption has also been known to affect children and their caretakers as well. The petition reveals that it should be canceled because it has been shown to impact negatively on the health and safety of people. It was found out that the negative effects of DST outweigh the positive outcomes associated with this time change.
Those who support DST say that it was an economic tradition that if abolished, it would adversely affect large quorum of people such as shift workers and students from getting their extra hour of daylight work or class with DST.Read more about day light saving time at  this .    They also suggest that canceling DST would affect restaurants and other leisure industries as they enjoy the extra hour provided in the evening so that they can continue with their retail activity. They also allege that DST has decreased criminal activities as the criminals are deterred by longer than usual daylight.
German researches came out strongly pointing out that our natural body clocks cannot adjust to daylight saving and instead, it is causing more health complications. The quality of life is also said to have decreased as well as increasing the susceptibility to developing illnesses. There was a time when a group of people formed a congress to challenge DST by petitioning claims about its cancellation. The congress split up, however, when they could not agree on what would be done after DST abolishment. Do you agree to its cancellation?Learn more from